Reebok Ribcor Stick Product Review

Today we’re talking about the Reebok Ribcor stick. This stick is made of high modulus carbon fiber that’s oriented to create a High Power Taper Ratio, making for a stick that’s stiffer at the top and bottom than the front and the back of the shaft. You’ll be able to put a lot of power behind your shot with significantly less effort. The Reebok Ribcor is one of the lightest on the market and it has a low-mid kick point, so it offers great controllability and accuracy with a sleek design.

It features an SSX blade design, so it’s stiffer in the toe than the heel. It also features TriMatrix technology; the fibers are oriented at 45 degrees at the forehand and backhand to store and release energy, but the middle is oriented at 90 degrees for a strong, stable center.

Best of all, this ribbed stick with a loaded shaft has a mind blowing POP!

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