Hidden Values on Hockey Equipment You May Have Missed

Hockey season is coming to a close and it’s a perfect time to end the season strong with high quality hockey equipment that’s ON SALE. We’ve got some great deals going on here at Hockey World, but sometimes they get lost in all of our merchandise. Don’t miss out on the best value for hockey sticks, … [Read more...]

10 of Hockey’s Urban Legends

Ever notice the apprehension of a winning team to touch the conference championship trophy? Have you wondered where hooked sticks came from? Who coined the term hat trick, and did anyone win a hat? We’re breaking down a few of hockey’s urban legends and setting the record straight. 1.     Gordie … [Read more...]

The History of the Hockey Puck

If we told you that you could swap out that old regulation ice hockey puck with a frozen piece of cow dung, surely you’d be skeptical (and maybe a little irritated). But, did you have any idea that’s what the ORIGINAL was made of? That’s right, before there were pucks to represent your favorite team … [Read more...]

The 14 (+1!) Must-have Hockey Products of 2014

Whether you need to improve your hockey game, your equipment has seen better days, or you know you deserve a treat, you should consider getting in on some new gear for the New Year. Want to know what’s cool on the ice in 2014? We’ll let you know. 1. CCM RBZ White Hockey Skates Same quality, … [Read more...]

Top Hockey Training Equipment to Improve Your Game in 2014

 You might’ve resolved to be a healthier person for the New Year. Hopefully, you’ll still be on that ball. Whether you are or you aren’t, maybe you should get on the puck. Yeah, you heard right. Reconsider the resolution to lose however many pounds (Hey, it keeps you warm!) and become a better … [Read more...]

The Trophies That Matter

Sure, you can pass the puck. But regardless of how well you play the game, the likelihood you’re taking home the Stanley Cup this season is slim. Hockey is full of unsung heroes, and often, the closest thing you get to a shiny finisher’s medal is a shiner from that guy’s elbow you took to the … [Read more...]