Out with the Old, in with the New!

Right now is a great time to clean out your closet. September 1st through October 31st, Perani’s Hockey World and Kris Perani Hockey Foundation (KPHF) will be accepting donations of gently worn shoes. Through Funds2Orgs, the shoes donated within the time frame will be sent overseas to developing nations and each pair will increase funds allocated toward KPHF.

In the next 60 days, our goal is to collect 7,500 gently worn shoes!

Basically, you’ll have more space in your closet for more hockey gear, you’re helping put shoes on the feet of those in need, AND you’re giving financial assistance to young hockey players, through KPHF. EVERYONE WINS.

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Any Shoe?

Yep, any shoe. Boots, flip flops, heels, sneakers. Can’t stand your spouse’s Crocs? We’re taking those too. Looking for a reason to upgrade to a new pair of skates? We’ll be accepting donations for those as well.

The Kris Perani Hockey Foundation is a public charity under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. License: 06-1798103

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