Introducing The Kris Perani Hockey Foundation

Kris Perani Hockey FoundationEvery aspect of the Hockey World brand has derived from two key things: family and passion. Perani’s is and always has been a family-run business, something we will forever be proud of. Sure, we are growing with the times, but family and value are at the core of our business.

Something else the Perani family is extremely proud of is their mother, Kris Perani. Kris Perani had an immense impact on not only her two children, but pretty much everyone she came into contact with. She had a radiant smile and positive attitude and was often the biggest cheerleader in the stands. Thanks to the love and dedication from her coupled with the amount of time she spent at hockey rinks, Robert and Lahna founded the Kris Perani Hockey Foundation (KPHF). You’ll notice a lot of similarities in Hockey World and KPHF, most notably the importance of family and love for the sport of hockey.

The Kris Perani Hockey Foundation is an organization whose goal is to provide hockey players in need with financial assistance.  The benefit of sponsoring hockey players in need will strengthen the hockey community and have a positive impact on the chosen nominees and their families.

Hockey World started back in 1976 by Bob Perani with our flagship store in Flint Michigan. Nearly 40 decades later, the Hockey World name has since turned into a chain of stores with more than 20 locations, not to mention a huge online presence selling hockey equipment to players of all ages and levels all over the world.

KPHF was created to leave a long-lasting mark on the lives of our children who love the sport of hockey – something Kris’ children learned from a very early age. If you’ve been in or around the sport of hockey for any amount of time, you know it’s not a cheap sport and parents are always making sacrifices to give their children everything they can. This was something Kris Perani did not only for her two children, but as many as she could. The KPHF was founded to leave a legacy for others and show the importance of family and love.

There are many ways to volunteer, donate or apply if you know a child in need of hockey funds.

To learn more about the Kris Perani Hockey Foundation visit their website or click here to make a donation via PayPal or credit card.

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