CCM Tacks Hockey Sticks and Skates are Back!

ccm-jedi-the-stickThe new CCM Tacks hockey sticks aren’t like any other. If you’re looking for a stiff stick for hitting wicked slapshots, this is the stick for you. It’s very stiff along the edges with additional support beams in the frame. It’s balanced, light in the hands, and has a full grip shaft with strategically placed texture zones, so holding this stick is like second nature.

CCM’s got manufacturing high quality sticks down to a science. The shaft uses T Geometry, the same shape preferred by NHL players for accuracy and control.

ccm-the-skate-ice-hockey-skatesThey didn’t stop at the stick. After a decade without Tacks they’ve created an updated version of the CCM Tacks Skate, and these blades won’t disappoint with hyperblade runners and holders. The holders now have more height, so you can expect the ability to be more agile, with a better turning radius on the ice.

Outsoles of these skates are carbon and well ventilated. The material wicks away water quickly, which allows for a more breathable skate with increased comfort. In regards to comfort, they didn’t stop there. There’s increased support around the neck and top of the skate, a beefed up tongue, and a metatarsal guard along the neck of the spine of the skate. Lace bit won’t be an issue with this pair.

If you’re an advanced player, these CCM Tacks skates and stick are what you need to step your game up.

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