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CCM Ribcore 40K Hockey WorldNo matter your age or hockey level, there’s one sure thing for all hockey players – it’s a brutal sport. Brutal on your body, and most definitely on your equipment. But it’s for love of the game that we keep playing, keep replacing our equipment and keep taking the bumps and bruises along the way.

Thankfully, as technology progresses, hockey equipment and the durability of gear continues to improve. Case in point? Check out the brand new CCM Ribcor 40k hockey stick . With Technora Reinforcement Technology, which is a noticeably advanced durable stick perfect for face-offs, in front of the net, and anywhere else on the ice.

Over the years many hockey sticks have come and gone. Hitting the market and claiming durability is one thing, but if you have to sacrifice the ability to feel the puck and control your shots, what’s the point of a durable stick? Sacrificing play in exchange for an unscathed stick defeats the purpose of any player.


John Tavares

John Tavares, New York Islander Center says the CCM Ribcor 40k allows him to keep the “zip on his shot,” and allows him to continue to be “very explosive with his shot.” Zip and explosiveness are requirements for surviving in the NHL and guys like Tavares know that first-hand.

The technology of Technora is similar to Kevlar, allowing the stick to have better bending properties and to help increase power transfer during your shot. While the stick does have better bending properties than previous sticks, it was developed with a much-needed stiffness in the blade, going from stiff to extra stiff in the toe, allowing the the blade to remain square for an accurate shot. The vertical stiffness in the blade means you can exert more energy into fully loading the stick and getting your full power behind each and every shot.


Matt Duchene.

Matt Duchene, center for the Colorado Avalanche has also become a fan of the new technologically advanced stick. “It’s light, it’s responsive, it’s stiff in the right places, and it’s flexible in the right places,” is Duchene’s initial assessment. All characteristics needed in any stick.

Another notable characteristic of the CCM Ribcor are the 90-degree fibers between two sets of 45-degree fibers, which help store and release energy while the 90-degree fibers in the middle add strength and more stability to the shaft, keeping you in control of each and every shot, whether going for a slapshot, a backhand or another aggressive play.

Not only is hockey a brutal sport, it’s also a costly one. As a basis of comparison, a 2013 article by Steve Wulf estimated the cost of a youth hockey career at almost $50k, and a huge part of that comes from the equipment, including a strong stick.

Even Duchene notes his sticks don’t wear down quite as quick and talks about the expensiveness of the sport. “I remember my parents paying for many of these sticks,” which is something you have to worry about less when you have the Technora Reinforced Shafts on your side. “It can be tough on the old wallet,” he jokes.

As they say “seeing is believing.” Stop in for a visit at one of our many locations to feel the technology in your own hands, and let us know your thoughts. Or you can shop the new CCM Ribcor now.

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