Bauer 1X Stick Review

bauer-vapor-1x-griptac-compLast month the much-anticipated Bauer Vapor 1X stick launched and it has received just as much hype and praise after the release as it did before.

Prior to the launch we could only explain the benefits of the lightweight stick and what the pros were saying after giving it a whirl on the ice – all very valuable knowledge – but we’ve loved hearing what our customers think of the revolutionary stick. Bauer promised the stick was “designed to hit your mark faster than ever before,” and it seems to be a pretty accurate promise so far.

The technology behind the new stick is something players of all levels are clamoring after – the new feel and swiftness behind the Quick Release Taper (QRT) Technology is something players just can’t get enough of. The new technology has required quite an adjustment for many players, but once mastered, the quick release allows your shots to go off faster than ever before (for most).

Just like all hockey equipment, each player has their own style and preference when it comes to hockey sticks, but overall, the new QTR Technology in the Bauer 1X seems to be a major advantage.

Prior to the launch there was a lot of talk and speculation about the durability of the stick – one of the biggest complaints players usually have about a brand or new stick. From what we’ve seen, thanks to the new Aero-Sense Core II in the blade, the stick is very durable and has held up quite well. The stick is lighter than most so the stability and balance of each shot helps keep it in shape and last longer.

Another important thing to note about this stick is that it has a lower kickpoint than most traditional sticks– just something to keep in mind pending your preference. The stick comes in four sizes: Senior (60”), Intermediate (57”), Junior (50”) and Youth (46”).

To shop the Bauer 1X at Hockey World, click here – and don’t forget about our Best Price Guarantee.

Have you tired the Bauer 1X and have comments to share? Comment below and let us know – we love hearing from everyone about the latest and greatest hockey equipment – what did you love or not love so much?

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