The 14 (+1!) Must-have Hockey Products of 2014

ccm-rbz-white-skateWhether you need to improve your hockey game, your equipment has seen better days, or you know you deserve a treat, you should consider getting in on some new gear for the New Year. Want to know what’s cool on the ice in 2014? We’ll let you know.

1. CCM RBZ White Hockey Skates Same quality, refreshed look, greater performance. The White RBZ skate includes a pair of custom support insoles to supplement the standard footbed. Your heel will stay locked in with high density memory foam and a SpeedBlade will glide you across the ice. If you’re looking to maximize explosiveness and reaction speed, look no further.

2. Warrior Krown LTE Hockey Helmet  Warrior listened to the feedback it received after creating the first Krown Helmet a few years ago, and has created an even better product with its new Krown LTE. It features a four-way fit along with an innovative single-dial adjustment that activates and adjusts for a comfortable proper fit.

3. Bauer IMS 11.0 Custom Hockey Helmet  This helmet comes strapped with Seven technology, which features seven cones in the liner that take the brunt of an impact, so your skull and brain don’t have to. And, it’s customizable: the shell comes in 15 colors and the subshell comes in 17 different colors. This equals total of 255 different color combinations!

4. Bauer Nexus 800 Hockey Gloves These classic fit hockey gloves has increased protection without extra bulk. PLUS, they come in twelve different colors, so you’ll be sure to find a pair that match your uniform.

5. Bauer TotalOne NXG LE2 Hockey Stick Are you a power player that unloads explosive one-timers? Do you bomb a heavy slapshot? The TotalOne NXG LE2 is the stick for you.

6. CCM RBZ Stage 2 Hockey Stick Let’s put this simply. If you want to be holding the same stick as some of the best players in in the world, go ahead and put this in your basket.

7. Bauer Vapor X100 LE Hockey Skates  These skates aren’t just good looking. The all new Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holders (with a system that took two years to perfect!) allow you to change out your steel faster than any other.

8. Easton V9E Hockey Stick Sick of the same ol’ same ol’? Look no further than this stick. Easton researched the stance and shot of superstar players, found the commonalities, and built a stick around that. Now THAT’S ingenuity.

9. Green Biscuit Training Puck Come on, everybody needs one of these. PERIOD.

10. Grit HTSE Hockey Tower This tower is similar to its predecessor, the HT1, in that it has the same compartments and it comes in the same 14 colors. But NOW, you can buy a tower that’ll rep your country (United States or Canada) and it folds down for easy storage.

11, 12, 13. Reebok 18k line of Shin, Shoulder, and Elbow Pads Custom fit? Lightweight? Stylish look? YES PLEASE.

14. Just getting into hockey? Do it on a budget with Reebok’s XTK line of protective gear. Whether you need Elbow Pads, Gloves, Protective Pants, Shin Guards or Shoulder Pads, this affordable line is ideal for the beginner.

(+1) Coming soon to a Hockey World near you: Warrior Ritual G2 Goalie Gear. This gear has slide like no other. Nothing will get past a goalie wearing this gear. NOTHING.

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