Fall League Wish List

Ok so you’ve either just started your Fall hockey league or you’re days away.  Either way you need a wish list when you look at your hockey bag right?  Finding the best quality gear for your bag is essential for preparing to hit the ice ready. Check out our latest 2016 Hockey Wish List when asking yourself what you need this season!

Jocks: I’m putting this one first because let’s face it this should always be the first thing you put on.  You never want to be on the ice without your pelvic protector (aka jock) on.  Whether it’s a shot that hits you there or another player giving you a quick tap with their stick make sure you’re protected with pricing as low as $3.00.

New gloves: Are your gloves looking old and tattered?  Can you see your fingers or the palm of your hand?    As low as $29.99 in our clearance section and you can have the latest and greatest.

New hockey socks: Are their holes in them big enough to put your finger through?  Do you have two hockey socks of the same color and design?  Stop being the laughing stock on the ice for as low as $5.99

Hockey stick:  Are there chunks out of the blade?   Would it be considered a “weapon of mass destruction”?  Pay as low as $69.99 in our clearance section today on hockey sticks and put a different kind of fear in the opponent.

Jersey:  How bad does it stink?  Are the colors even close to when you bought it originally?  $8.99 and you can have a brand new practice jersey or $14.99 for an uncrested gamewear jersey from your favorite NHL team.

Skates: When you take them to get sharpened does the guy at the counter yell back to his buddy “man you have to come check these out?”  Can you still sharpen them or are they done for?  We have youth skates from as low as $39.99 and adult skates in our clearance section starting at $79.99.

Skate Sharpener: Are you the guy that’s always asking in the dressing room if anyone has a skate sharpener?  Get real.  Buy your own for $5.00.

New Helmet: Are the bolts rusting out?  Does your visor have scratches that you can’t even buff out anymore?  Protect those good looks with hockey helmets starting at as low as $59.99.

Hockey pants: Remember when you were in your 20s and your hockey pants were nice and loose but now you’re in your 40s and you swear they’ve shrunk over the years?  Time for a new pair.  We have some on clearance right now for as low as $19.99.

Hockey Bag:  Are you surprised every time you open your hockey bag that nothing has fallen through the holes?  Does it have to stay in the shed because it stinks too bad?  Check out our selection ranging from $41.99 to $329.99

Shoulder pads: Are you surprised the Hockey Hall of Fame hasn’t called to ask if you would like to donate your shoulder pads?  Are they stuck together with shoe laces?  Treat yourself to a new pair in our clearance section from $24.99 and up

Shin pads: You know that player that always gives you a little love tap on the shins or that guy who’s shot always hits you just above your skate?   Make sure you’re protected this year from as low as $29.99 in our clearance section

Gear up today at HockeyWorld.com for way lower than you would have thought.  And if your order is more than $99 you get it shipped for free.  Because let’s face it.  We can’t all be superstars out there but we sure can look the part.

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