Top Hockey Training Equipment to Improve Your Game in 2014

 hockey-training-equipment-2014You might’ve resolved to be a healthier person for the New Year. Hopefully, you’ll still be on that ball. Whether you are or you aren’t, maybe you should get on the puck. Yeah, you heard right. Reconsider the resolution to lose however many pounds (Hey, it keeps you warm!) and become a better hockey player this year. We’ve got the tips (and the products) so that you won’t have to leave that resolution in the dust.

Strengthen your hockey muscles

Hockey ain’t easy. You’re gonna to need a lot of leg strength to go back and forth across the rink with all that gear on, and the SKLZ Speedsack can help you build up those muscles. Just strap the belt around your waist, adjust the tow by adding or subtracting weight, and you’re well on your way to having impressive lower body strength.

If your trouble is with posture, speed, strength or stamina, a HockeySled is what your training needs. Resistance can be multiplied by simply adding water to the device. Insert the edge of the stick into the HockeySled, and a correct power stride posture will soon be yours while you build all your major hockey muscles: wrists, forearms, upper body, core, quadriceps and hamstrings. On ice or off ice, there’s a sled for wherever you take your practice.

Passing and stickhandling

If you’ve ever given it a go on the asphalt with a regulation puck, you already know the friction and vibration that slows the puck down (and sometimes flips it over) is nothing like playing at the rink. Stickhandling off the ice without a puck specifically engineered for rough surfaces just doesn’t do the trick. Enter the Green Biscuit. It’s a puck made out of two pieces of plastic that are held together by three metal bolts. This absorbs shock and Green Biscuit moves over many surfaces effortlessly—so you can mimic the ice just about anywhere.

We know, we know. You just bought an incredible composite stick, you want to practice with it, and there’s NO WAY you’re going to go slamming that thing around on a tennis court. We get that. If you’d rather be careful while practicing away from the ice, try Black Ice. It’s a hardy plastic surface that allows you to work on stickhandling and shooting on a surface that won’t ruin the blades of composite sticks.

Need some drills so that you can gain efficiency with receiving passes? All aspects of stickhandling can be practiced with Fast Hands–including expansion of reach, figure 8s, quick sticks, soft touch, wide dribble, bait cup go around, and toe drag deception. Not only that, there are free training videos on the web so that you can make the most of the product.


You’ve bulked up. You’ve got endurance. You can skate circles around the other guys while handling the puck like a pro. That’s cool, but you actually have to score some points. Practicing with no goalie? No problem. A Regulation Shooting Target will help you work on your accuracy while no one is watching.

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