Hockey World for Life Program (HWFL)

Hockey World logoAs always, our customers and their satisfaction are our number one priority. At Perani’s we make it a big deal to ensure you have a great shopping experience for all your hockey needs – whether online or in one of our 20+ locations.

Did you know we have a Hockey World for Life (HWFL) Rewards Program specifically for our best and repeat online customers?

To get started is easy – simply create an account online, sign up for the loyalty program and start shopping! Each time you make an online purchase – be sure to input your HWFL Rewards number at the time of purchase so all of your qualifying purchases will be added to your account.

As part of the HWFL Rewards program, you will earn 1 point for nearly every dollar you spend online and those points quickly turn into rewards (i.e. 500 points = $25 electronic reward). As an added bonus to our loyalty program, you’ll get 200 points right off the bat just for signing up.

Once you are signed up and start earning points, you can easily check your point balance or to see if any rewards are waiting for you simply by accessing your account online. The rewards are electronic and are only valid for a one-time use, with a few minor restrictions.

The reward coupons are easy to use – log into your account, click rewards link, click use reward and the coupon code will load into your web site session where the promotion is automatically activated on the website. The system will display the coupon successfully applied message and from that point forward, all products will reflect the promotion.

Points can add up quickly – use your HWFL Rewards number when purchasing new skates before the season starts or new equipment for your whole team. We also offer specials and promotions where you can earn additional points, so keep an eye on that and start earning points and getting those rewards.

If you’re a customer that would rather shop in store, stay tuned. Hockey World hopes to launch the HWFL Rewards program in stores in the next few months!

It’s no secret hockey is an expensive (but fun!) sport, so why not rack up a few loyalty points for your new gear?

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