Easton Mako Elbow Pads

Protect Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself

In the market for some new protective gear? Mako has a great line of elbow pads. We know that sometimes  selection gets a little tricky, so here’s  the breakdown on what’s so different between this protective gear.

Easton Mako Elbow Pads

easton-mako-elbow-padsThis gear is premium in the Mako line. When redesigning this series, Easton’s goal was to increase protection and mobility by allowing for the most natural movement. They did just that with the design and features of this model.

Made of three pieces with a two flex design, the bicep and forearm don’t feel restricted at all. A neoprene strap allows for the pad to stay comfortably in place, and the NHL certified EVA molded elbow cup gives the wearer more comfort while decreasing the risk for injuries to the competitor.


Easton Mako M3 Elbow Pads

easton-mako-M3-elbow-padsThe M3 elbow pads are the entry level version of the pads and are a great value. The natural movement emphasis to increase mobility approach was still taken when designing these, so you’ll still have that more natural flex zone. However, because it is an entry level pad, it does not feature the latest NHL and other leagues certified elbow cap. The traditional plastic cap can be found in its place with medium density foam above it.


Easton Mako M5 Elbow Pads

easton-mako-M5-elbow-padsThe pads are just one step below the top of the line.This product isn’t as snug as the Mako and doesn’t have the neoprene strap, but you’ll still find that same NHL certified molded EVA cup. Keeping in line with their emphasis on natural mobility, these allow for most of the same movement as the top product.

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