The Business of the NHL: Which Team is the Most Valuable?

Which Team is the Most Valuable? We’re all hockey lovers here. If you’re like me, you probably spend a pretty penny on NHL tickets – whether it’s trying to mark all the NHL arenas off your bucket list or catching your favorite player in your hometown. It doesn’t matter what the excuse, being a … [Read more...]

Hockey 101: A Crash Course

It seems pretty reasonable to assume about 90% of visitors to Perani’s (both on the web and in stores) are players or family members well versed in the sport of hockey. Odds are you play hockey, your child, another loved one or someone you’re buying a gift for already knows the ins and outs of the … [Read more...]

Al the Octopus

If you’ve ever been to The Joe, you probably already know about Al. Al the Octopus, the Red Wings mascot, of course. One of the reasons we all love sports (and by sports, we obviously mean hockey) so much are all the traditions that are passed down through generations. One of the most notable and … [Read more...]

10 of Hockey’s Urban Legends

Ever notice the apprehension of a winning team to touch the conference championship trophy? Have you wondered where hooked sticks came from? Who coined the term hat trick, and did anyone win a hat? We’re breaking down a few of hockey’s urban legends and setting the record straight. 1.     Gordie … [Read more...]