2015 NHL Playoffs – We’re Ready – Are You?

2015_Stanley_Cup_playoffs_logoThere isn’t a more exciting time in the NHL than the playoffs – we think this sentiment is true even if your team isn’t one of the 16 teams to make the playoffs. The intensity, the aggressiveness, and everything else that goes into playoff hockey is unrivaled in any other sport. It’s eight weeks of torture (well if you continue to advance, it’s eight weeks long) and the fans and love of the game make it one of the best times for sports.

Other than the fact it’s hockey (the greatest sport on earth!) one of the reasons the NHL playoffs maintain so much excitement is that the games are usually low-scoring, oftentimes heading into overtime (free hockey anyone?) and each series is a best-of-seven, so the intensity between the teams and the players gets pretty heated, sometimes for an entire week.

Though this article dates back to 2013, we love the Sports Illustrated recap of the 20 Reasons Why NHL Playoffs Form The Best Postseason In Sports, which notes the rookies, the legends, the playoff beards, the crazy rituals and traditions, and of course – the upsets.

Just in case you’re not into the playoff spirit yet (what are you waiting for?), check out this article/slideshow from Bleacher Report showcasing the 20 Most Unforgettable Moments in Stanley Cup Finals History. Do you think any of the 2015 storylines can top this so far?

And just for laughs, if you know someone not into hockey as much as we are, be sure share this doppelganger piece from Sports Illustrated where you’ll see some 2015 playoff faces stacked up next to their celebrity look-a-likes. Personally we think the Dan Boyle and Dane Cook is the funniest one of all and this is sports trivia fodder you can use for years.

Stay up to date with the Stanley Cup Playoff action – the brackets, scores, and game times – here and by following us on social media – we’ll be posting some of our favorite game highlights and quotes from the locker rooms after the games. We apologize in advance if we get a little too into the playoffs.

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